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I develop games in my free time. Plunder Planes is my first big project, I will upload my shorter projects soon.
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A hotseat multiplayer shoot'em up with strategy elements. You engage in a dogfight with up to three friends locally. But as your plane starts weak, you costumize it while you play. To do so, you plunder and build factories with the loot. One player might use 4 coins to get 4 primary weapons, one spends it all for devastating bombs and one might even get himself a wingman.

Sure, primary weapons like the machine gun, the boomerang and the rocket allow for air control, but what's the use of that if your enemy crushes all your primary factories with one bouncing bomb and plunders your loot? Maybe you should have guarded them with a wingman sentry gun instead of getting that rocket...

All this is presented in unique blueprint style, partly self-pixeled, partly based on modified, now public domain pictures of WWI planes.

You may play free-for-all, team deathmatch, the tutorial or even Coop. Coop is a survival mode that can be played alone, too.

Update 1.1: Fixed (audio) bugs, made the menu a bit clearer and added a brand new Versus map. In Silflay, you start in a pit and have to get out to plunder. On the other hand, the many pits are a natural protection for your factories. This map gives you the ability to upgrade like no other does.

Note: Mail me at free at free-napalm dot com if you found a bug or would like to tell me your opinion.

Download Plunder Planes 1.1!

Two Player Versus Four Player Coop
 Single Player Coop Four Player Versus
Control Screen Upgrade Grid